Farooq Ahmed

Entrepreneur, investor, bitcoin enthusiast 

Farooq is a self motivated entrepreneur and innovator, who specializes in Information Technology (IT). He helps small and medium sized businesses shape their offerings, products and creates strategies for distribution of them in the digital world.

Having earned his qualifications in Computer Sciences, he founded Arcift Technologies and began his entrepreneurial journey. Farooq’s career started as a web developer, designing innovative technical solutions for SME’s and by doing that for years he then emerged to be an entrepreneur who focuses on investing in tech startups in order to help them grow in international markets. 

Farooq also works tirelessly to promote entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan by helping many young entrepreneurs to grow and develop their commercial implementation of ideas. Having a high level of curiosity, he keeps abreast of the latest technology research, trends and practices, with particular interest in the rise and rise of open source applications & networks such as bitcoin. He loves reading books and working collaboratively with authors, helping them share their expertise across the world wide web.

Believing in ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ Farooq never misses his morning run.